Check out the only facility in Texas with both swimming pool and Aqua-Tred. Both are fully covered too. 


The Harm of Hoof Thrush and How to Avoid It.

Texas has received a record amount of rain this spring. With down pours happening on a daily basi...


Horse Stress and How to Recognize the Signs

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Tips for Choosing Proper Boarding Stables for Your Horse

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How Owners Can Help Horses Transition From Cold to Warm Weather

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How the Underwater Treadmill is Changing the Face of Therapy for Horses


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Prepare Your Horses for Winter

Mark A. Wallace, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM
Reidsville Veterinary Hospital


How to Maintain Good Horses Hoofs

Horses are beautiful animals that deserve the utmost care and attention. Whether they are gallopi...


Equine Fitness Methods Provides a Wealth of Benefits

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What is Hydrotherapy?

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A Variety of Conditions Can Be Treated with Horse Water Therapy

Many of us often dream of getting away to a relaxing spa while recovering from an illness or


Why a Hydrotherapy Treadmill Is the Ideal Choice for Your Horse

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Using Hydrotherapy for Fighting Inflammation in Your Horse

When cells are injured due to a tissue cut or tear, or as a result of concussive trauma, various ...


Horses Can Benefit from the Healing Powers of Water Too

As most of us are all too aware, there is simply no better way to relax and unwind when we are ti...


Hydrotherapy Helps Horses to Recover from Injuries Faster

At some point in time, every horse is likely to experience some type of injury. Although the heal...


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